Why we need human connection for great health?

While our lives begin to stabilize, more than ever, we at DNA Labs appreciate

And say thank you to the people whose normal lives are lived doing extraordinary things, like our first responders who treat us, heal us, and protect us every day.  We really do salute them.

We will never claim to be the sole beacon of hope, instead, we will continue to share

the light that has been shining our way, with our research into what lies beyond the next genetic discovery as we promote what we do best, enriching the lives of our customers in pursuit of great health and wellbeing. We do so confidently as we finally looking forward beyond the next horizon, and leave the pandemic where it belongs, we hope – in the past!

Through human connection, we understand that our customers are coming to us to learn more about themselves and an empowerment to take in many cases the very first steps along a road of achieving what is possible – great health and wellbeing.  Our customers and stakeholders should know that they can count on us, both in terms of providing safe, economical, and reliable genetic tests and being around for the long term, because the founders believe in themselves.

In pursuit of great health and wellbeing, we together will make lasting memories of how we got to our individual goals.   We feel as a company it is our duty to balance the odds in favour of ourselves, in favour great health because science presents itself today, and we need to act now.

Our company continues at a breakneck pace to move forward in developing the lineup of products to be launched next year and in 2023.    We are relentless and continue to push boundaries as entrepreneurs because we ourselves are customers too.   In the end when the opportunities of tomorrow comes knocking, we know it will come with a door large enough to let everyone in.

We are immensely optimistic about 2022.

As we transition from fall to winter, wishing everyone continued great health and wellness.


Michael S. Kerzner, Chairman of the Board & Chief Strategist.