LoveMyHealth® Pro and Fertility Add-on

LoveMyHealth® Pro – Extended Clinical Panel

In addition to the content covered in our standard LoveMyHealth® test, the PRO version adds an additional 41 genetic markers selected based on their reported associations with various clinical outcomes related to diet, detoxification, heart health, hormonal health, mental wellness, obesity risk, physical fitness, and specific nutrient needs.


LoveMyHealth® Pro + Fertility Add-on

Conception and pregnancy can be influenced by both female and male fertility factors, including egg and sperm quality and lifestyle disease. The LoveMyHealth® Pro + Fertility Add-on, focuses on genetic variations that influence nutritional and environmental factors that impact normal gamete (egg and sperm) production and embryo development. An individually tailored diet and nutrient guide based on genetic risk factors aim to improve fertility and promote a healthy pregnancy.

LoveMyHealth® Pro and the Fertility Add-on are sold through healthcare professionals.

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