Regulation of DNA Testing – Canada

DNALabs fully complies with all federal and provincial privacy legislation, such as the (Ontario) Personal Health Information Protection Act, known as “PHIPA”, and with federal legislation such as the Privacy Act and the Personal information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. These Acts require that personal health information, such as DNA test results, may be used only for the purpose intended and only with the patient’s informed consent.

The (federal) Genetic Non-Discrimination Act prohibits forcing any person to undergo a genetic test or to disclose the results of a genetic test as a condition of providing goods or services, entering into a contract or agreement (including insurance contracts), or as a condition of employment and generally prohibits any form of discrimination based on one’s DNA.

DNALabs considers itself to be the leader among DNA testing organizations in Canada in protecting the privacy of individuals’ DNA tests from any use that has not been authorized, or has not been agreed to by the patient.

DNALabs is establishing a network of contacts among public policymakers and regulators at the provincial and federal levels of government in Canada to discuss not only the potential of DNA testing to improve Canada’s healthcare systems, but also to promote effective regulation to safeguard the privacy of this sensitive personal health information and to protect the public against unscrupulous, false or misleading DNA testing and DNA testing claims.