Meet the team

DNALabs Canada Executive Team

DNALabs Canada is not a large, medical lab that tests urine, blood, tumours and DNA. At DNALabs, we are solely dedicated to the new frontier of genome laboratory testing and the transformation to personalized medicine. Our lab is in Canada and complies with Canadian privacy and confidentiality and all the rigours of laboratory regulations.

The enterprise is dynamic and agile. This is reflected most dramatically with the corporate structure, the top five corporate executives and their portfolios. This is a non-hierarchical organization. The company is committed to remaining at the forefront of pharmacogenomics in Canada including breakthrough applications of DNA testing to health and wellness. At the heart of DNALabs Canada’s corporate structure is its Chief Science Officer and Genomicist, Aaron Goldman. He is engaged and supported by 4 other enterprise partners. The lack of silos in the organization is reflected in more than its organizational chart. It is a business philosophy and commitment to agility and entrepreneurial capacity. It is a promise to ensure the company is responsive to market opportunities and at the forefront of science and technology advances that create market demand such as cannabis sensitivity testing.

Moni Lustig
Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Weisberg
Chief Financial Officer

Aaron Goldman, PhD
Chief Science Officer

David Feld, BSC, LLB
Executive Vice President and Legal Counsel

Michael S. Kerzner
Chief Strategist

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Robyn Murphy

Dr. Fay Weisberg

Dr. Cory Goldberg

Dr. Jeremy Rezmovitz