MatchMyMeds™ drug compatibility test

Unlock the potential of your DNA with MatchMyMeds™

From a simple, non-invasive cheek swab, we can quickly look at your DNA to determine whether certain, commonly prescribed drugs will work, and at what dose. This information enables doctors to make the best prescribing choices for you thereby minimizing the likelihood of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) and maximizing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Right Drug, Right Dose

The MatchMyMeds™ report covers over 50 drug compounds found in 100s of different products, including some of the most commonly prescribed drugs, and covers various therapeutic categories, including pain, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular, and psychiatry, among others. Click HERE for a list of the drugs currently covered.

Powerful Information

Your DNA holds powerful, actionable information that can be used to maximize effectiveness and minimize adverse drug reactions. Know how your body will react to drugs BEFORE you take them. Improve quality of life, and minimize risk.

Real Science

Drug and dosing recommendations summarized in your MatchMyMeds™ Report have been clinically validated with published guidelines from internationally recognized consortia and/or based on information from the Health Canada/FDA-approved drug labels. 

How it works


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  • Simple cheek swab
  • Quick result
  • Covers over 50 drugs
  • Data stays in Canada
  • Fast shipping

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