Simply stated, Pharmacogenetic testing — PGx — refers to a type of genetic test to predict whether a given drug will work as expected, or whether a patient is likely to experience an unwanted adverse event.

MatchMyMeds™ is a simple drug-compatibility test. It is NOT a disease-predictive test.

Unlike some of the popular DNA testing services available on the market to either learn about your ancestry, or to find out if you have a chance of getting some sort of disease, PGx testing is your tool for personalized, precision medicine. PGx is the study of how individual patients might respond to specific medications based on the individual’s genetic make-up.

It signals the end of “one size fits all” medicine.

Best Prescription for Prescribing

This breakthrough in personalized medicine is about optimal treatment the first time. That’s a potentially huge impact on you. While various factors play into the effects of medication such as gender, age, weight and diet, genetic factors predominate as the single biggest trigger for an adverse reaction.

MatchMyMeds™ can enable your healthcare provider to get your meds right with a simple, non-invasive cheek swab.

Genetic factors account for up to 95% of drug response variability and susceptibility to adverse drug reactions.

It’s time to banish the “trial-and-error method of prescribing”.

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