What have these times taught us?

There is a tendency without a doubt in business to separate the personal for the professional. During this period going back to March 2020, what the times have taught us is that the determination and ingenuity of people can rise to the occasion in ways never imagined. For many of us, we have a new appreciation on the power of human connection and how we value our family and friends.

Retrospectively, we have learned a great deal in these times, and we have showcased new values of empathy, concern and caring. We have learned to work remotely and found ways to adapt to new technologies that kept us connected.

Businesses like ours have succeeded in this time because we continuously look the challenges straight on and found ways to solve problems, innovate and support our customers and stakeholders. We persevered with passion and pride, ‘bootstrapped’ and all in the difficult times, but never gave up.

Our dream of bringing the common denominator of DNA science and technology forward for people to believe that ‘good health belongs to everyone’, remained at the bedrock of who we are as a company.

Human connection, great customer service and a willingness to listen and learn from our stakeholders guided us in these times.

As we all look forward to resuming our lives as we once remembered them with a handshake and a hug, it is the personal connection that will contribute to collaborate on the exceptional opportunities beyond the horizon. This is something our company looks forward too, DNALabs is very much on the move!


Michael S. Kerzner

Chairman of the Board & Chief Strategist