Our Genes Don’t Lie

Moving to a new country is a big change! With that change, comes establishing new relationships including new healthcare providers. Recently when I was at my new gastroenterologist, he had asked if I had celiac disease, or was ever tested for it. When I replied, “I have been tested, and do not have it, but my dad has it”, we then discussed the possibility of false negative results with both my past bloodwork, and biopsies since I do not consume gluten in my diet as I am intolerant. In fact, every time I go to a doctor, I get asked about celiac disease and the possibilities both because of my symptoms and because I have a risk because of my dad and my genes.  Knowing that I am in the genetic testing business, I showed him my results for my predisposition to celiac disease, and after leaving spoke to our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Aaron Goldman. Dr. Goldman mentioned the exact same thing as my gastroenterologist that what DNALabs does is really the “gold standard” for testing for celiac. The other ways such as blood work or taking biopsies are both more painful and are not as simple as our simple cheek swab! Not to mention, you do not need to consume gluten to receive accurate results!

I also recently tried an at-home food sensitivity test because I have been experiencing some digestive issues. Unfortunately, I had to re-do mine as I apparently did not do it properly the first time and then I dreaded doing it so much again that it took me a month before I got around to finally doing it again (and now the two fingers I had to prick are still hurting typing this!). Unfortunately, after all that, when I took this at home sensitivity test, it just made me even more frustrated, as it did not confirm a single thing.

As we all know, while our LoveMyHealth™ tests for predisposition to food intolerances, and it is not a food sensitivity test, it was nonetheless mind blowing to see how much simpler, more affordable (and less painful) our genetic testing solutions really are! Moreover, our LoveMyHealth™ test is in fact much more accurate as well (our tests are 99.97% accurate!). When individuals take the tests, they are blown away at how accurate their results are, because they say that the tests confirm many things they have known before, but also dives deeper into new information that they did not know before to help them form an actionable plan to live a healthier lifestyle!

Want to learn more about the difference between food sensitivities/ intolerances vs allergies and about our LoveMyHealth™ test? Check out our recent Instagram post here!

If anyone reading this takes away one important message it is: our tests are painless, simple, and an effective way to take care of your health! Visit www.dnalabs.ca and get started TODAY!




Elana Lustig,
Director of Marketing