FIME 2022

It is hard to believe that over 2 years have passed since we had to cancel our last in person conference in March 2020 due to the pandemic. We thought it would be 2 weeks…  not what turned out to be a break from live in person conferences that lasted over 2 years.

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Florida International Medical Expo at the Miami Beach Convention Centre as an exhibitor last week. I enjoyed the interaction, meeting so many great new people, and looking forward to following up with many of them in the coming days, and to seeing our products on pharmacy and physician’s shelves in South America and the Caribbean.

Less than a year has passed since we opened our first office in Florida to serve the US market, and now we are looking forward to serving new markets as well.

There is no substitute to meeting people face to face, and I look forward to many more to come.

Hope everyone is having a great summer.


Moni Lustig,
Chief Executive Officer