Being on a path to finding ourselves

Some say that change in pursuit of finding oneself, starts with a cry. From a cry to listening we start to learn. And we move from a place of inclusion to a place of belonging.  Inclusion means the table has been set regardless of who might be in our mind. But in building belonging we include the needs of those ignored, the yearning of those who stand at the margins, and its moving from afterthought to intention. Wisdom lies beyond the boundaries of the known, and they come from the people we least expect. Yes, Change begins with hearing a cry and responding as we begin the journey of finding ourselves.  Our health is also a journey of discovery, and the malaise of the times that find us, should only serve as a catalyst for again looking inward and recognizing that our health is so precious and needs to be respected.

We started our company a few years back on the notion that we could make better products than on our competitors if we loved what we do, and in the process, we began to find ourselves. We were collaborative then and still are. We respect the notion of diversity of ideas and imagination as crucial to our success. Staying true to this principal allows us to be there for our customers every step of the way.

Finding oneself in life is not easy and has been complicated during this pandemic. Friendship as example is more important than ever. In some respects, we feel at our company that it is our sacred trust to be part of our customers lives as they journey to great health and wellbeing. To that end we are proud to focus on health and wellbeing as the reason we exist. We focus on understanding that with some simple tools the world before us opens and begins to reveal itself, and in that process, we begin to see and learn who we are.

As we look forward, I say that we are both realistic and optimistic. Beyond the next few months, and with good expectation that life will again return to some sort of normalcy, our future looks very promising.  Our collective experiences during covid will change much of how the world works in the future. However, it will not change our fundamental approach to business. We will strive to make our company a great place to be for our employees, stakeholders, and customers. We will continue to invest for the long term, seeking to bring to market some amazing ideas we have been planning. We will continue to focus on building our brand globally especially by opening our new office in Florida, along side the campus of Florida Atlantic University. In the end we will stay true to the values of trustworthiness, and what brought us from there to here.

Finding oneself is not easy or simple, but the goal is attainable and immeasurably worthwhile.

Let’s do it together!

Wishing everyone a meaningful and safe fall.

Michael S. Kerzner

Chairman of the Board & Chief Strategist