We are excited about 2022

Our company is proud of our growing portfolio of premium genetic testing products that we have successfully brought to market since our founding just a few years ago. We are excited about 2022.

Our passion for consistent innovation has continued unrelenting even during these past two years of the pandemic.  We have struck some amazing and trusted relationships with leading health institutions and hospitals that have validated our philosophy, that we want our company to be known as a standard of quality and excellence for customer service.  Quality for us means that we will develop and sell tests that are cutting edge, authentic and practical, and offered at fair prices.   Customer service means delivering tests and reports in a timely manner that suits the needs of the customer.   We take customer service very seriously.   Taking care of customers may seem so obvious, yet day after day, it is defining our success because the reason we exist is to help everyone know more about themselves.

There is an urgency and an intensity that sometimes gets lost and is circumvented by the distractions of everyday life.  Our company chooses to focus on creating tests that everyone can understand and through this simplicity give each of us has an equal opportunity to take that very first step in believing what we say, ‘That good health belongs to everyone!’.

To tell you the truth, we see no end in sight to what we can create with innovation, led by rapid changes in the development of science and technology, and the synergetic manner to which both go hand in hand.

We are as a company ready to face the challenges in front of us in 2022 with great confidence, and will stay true to the old fashion values of putting our customers first in everything we do.

We are as a team incurable optimists,


Michael S. Kerzner

Chairman of the Board.