The Future of Medicine

Not too long ago,  if you told me that genetic testing was “the future of personalized medicine”, would I have believed you? Likely not.

However, after 5 and a half years since founding DNALabs, and while being involved in ongoing research, updates, and expansions of our product lines while we continue to proudly serve our customers in both Canada and the United States, I really do believe that we are indeed the future of personalized medicine!

So why the future of personalized medicine?

From the day I founded DNALabs, up until today, as I meet with healthcare professionals, and academic researchers, people continue to tell us that DNALabs is where the future is.

At DNALabs, we are proud to have always been AHEAD of the curve! Whether it was offering reports available in both pdf and web-based forms as well as sharing reports to doctors electronically through a secure portal (all long before the shift in virtual healthcare!).

Our customers are always at the top of our mind and we have continuously expanded our product offerings to include both our Match My Meds- Drug Compatibility test (pharmacogenetics) to support prescribing decisions in traditional medicine, as well as our Love My Health- lifestyle genetic test (nutrigenomics) for a more functional and holistic approach.

Good health belongs to everyone, in whichever way works best for YOU!

Thank you to all our Canadian and U.S. customers for your continued support and wishing all of you a wonderful month ahead!

You are so much more than just where you came from, but it is up to you to have the ability to take action! What we know about ourselves can help us make better choices in how we live our lives.

Our team is committed to developing safe and useful genetic tests to help everyone learn more about themselves, whether it is through minimizing trial and error, or through living your best lives through personalized and actionable lifestyle recommendations!

We are excited to be an integral part of the future of personalized medicine, and the future is NOW!

Moni Lustig,
Chief Executive Officer