The Final Countdown…

We made it…it’s the final countdown until 2022! In these last 2 months, there are lots of holidays and celebrations to look forward to. From American Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, and of course New Year’s. If there is one thing in common between all these holidays it is…food! Not to mention the leftover Halloween Candy I am sure many of us still have lying around from yesterday that many of us are not sure what to do with! For some, including myself, this final stretch can be a time of reflection, thinking about the past year and what they have achieved, how they want to end this year, and start thinking about the New Year ahead. For others, it is a time of celebration, spending time with friends and family, and connecting during these Holidays.

With all the big and exciting holidays approaching, I’m sure it has got us thinking why some of us can constantly eat and still be hungry, while others get full on smaller meals. When it comes to dessert, we may wonder what leads some people to the fruits and veggies, and others to the sweets table. So, what leads some people to the leftover Halloween candy while others dump it in the garbage? How about that pumpkin or apple pie on Thanksgiving versus the roasted veggies? And do you find something tempting about a nice big jelly donut on Chanukah, some deep-fried potato latkes, or some chocolate Chanukah gelt, all foods high in fat?

The answer is simple…many of our eating habits has to do with our genetics! While sometimes it may be difficult not to compare our food choices to others, we always need to listen to our own bodies and do what works for ourselves as everyone is different and we are all made up of our own unique genetic makeup! While eating in moderation and a balanced approach is always best, knowing our genetic risk of certain diseases because of our dietary choices may help us become more aware of the food choices we make and help us alter our diet and routines accordingly.

Some recommendations you can take with you are staying physically active, limiting your saturated fat intake, and staying within Health Canada’s or the FDA’s recommended daily fat intake, getting adequate Vitamin D daily, and following a Mediterranean Diet or a diet that is best suited for your unique genetic makeup! Remember: there is no one-size fits all approach to a healthy and balanced lifestyle but rather we all each have unique genetic makeups and therefore will have a different diet, physical fitness, and lifestyle approach recommended for each of us!

So, while we have just a short two months left of 2021 and until 2022, think about how you want to end the year off, how you want to feel going into 2022 and how you can begin to optimize your health and well-being starting today! Remember, you do not need to wait until the New Year to start. There is no better time to begin on your journey than today!

The end of the year and the start of an upcoming year can be a new opportunity for many to take charge of their health and well-being. Understanding and learning about our own unique genetic makeup, potential deficiencies, sensitivities, and risk of diseases, can be beneficial in tailoring our diet to optimize our health and wellbeing and in making better lifestyle choices.  As many of us are starting to think of our New Year’s resolutions, investing in your health and well-being early can go a long way and will without a doubt pay off in the long run! When January 1, 2022, comes around, you will not look back!

Elana Lustig,
Director of Marketing