The Best is Yet to Come

As I reflect on the past year at DNALabs, a few words come to mind: proud, growth, success, opportunities, a better future for everyone, and so much more! In 2022, we had a few different successful influencer campaigns ultimately driving traffic and sales to our B2C clients. Many influencers talk about only promoting brands they believe in, and I 100% agree with this! Working at DNALabs, never feels like “work” because I am truly striving to help others live their best lives. I am a big health enthusiast, passionate about exercise and healthy eating. Every day I hope to inspire others to live their healthiest lives as well. I was honored to be on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland, showcasing our DNA products which was so easy to talk about, simply because I believe in it and am passionate about it. We recently grew our team to include a new marketing intern from the Florida Atlantic University. And more importantly, we recently kicked off our first crowdfunding campaign.

As we expanded into the U.S. market, we made tweaks to our website, added new products, and ultimately met new B2B clients as well who all have been fascinated by what we do, as this is the future of personalized medicine.

There are two types of people: people who understand the benefits of our genetic testing solutions, and those who think we are just another genetic testing company. At DNALabs, we do NOT sell or share any of your data and privacy protection is of utmost importance to us!  We have a 99.97% test accuracy, all testing is carried out within a clinical laboratory improvement amendments certified lab, and all test panels underwent rigorous validations as required by CLIA.

When people think of genetic testing, many also think of their ancestries or disease prediction. But your genetics is so much more. It is about taking preventive measures to stay healthy and PREVENT disease. You cannot change your DNA, but you CAN alter your lifestyle! Our lifestyle genetic test analyzes 84 markers across 65 genes in 8 categories and 41 subcategories offering hundreds of recommendations per patient. We are proud that thousands of patients are benefiting from our customized recommendations via our secure web portal. All our systems (software, hardware, and processes) are compliant with HIPAA, PIPEDA and PHIPA.

So, what’s next for us? More tests, and more opportunities to help individuals like YOU! Join us as we build the future of personalized medicine together by visiting and! Let’s make 2023 the best yet!

Wishing everyone Happy and Healthy Holidays!




Elana Lustig,
Director of Marketing