Test My Tolerance Pro media release

DNA Labs Canada, a leader in genetic testing solutions is proud to announce the launch the second generation of its Cannabis sensitivity test, TestMyTolerance PRO.


Health care professionals have told us that they need a better tool to help them safely prescribe cannabis by understanding their patient’s sensitivity to its main compounds, CBD and THC, while also understanding how they would respond to a prescribed drug for a similar condition. The DNA Labs team have listened. We think our new Pro version of TestMyTolerance is a real game changer — an easy-to-understand genetic test revealing information contained in our DNA to help us live life greatPro offers a side by side comparison, with Cannabis sensitivity alongside information regarding drug compatibility in categories like ‘pain, depression, anxiety just to name a few’.  We strongly believe that when health care professionals know more about their patient, and when the patient knows more about themselves, the best outcome for treatment is more likely to happen.

Relentless in creating innovative and cost-effective genetic testing products, DNA Labs begins to write its next chapter. Join us on our journey to ‘know more about yourself’ and pre-order our TestMyTolerance Pro genetic test today, click here for details.


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