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LoveMyHealth™ Pro – Extended Clinical Panel

LoveMyHealth™ by DNALabs is designed to provide insights into the key factors of your health and well-being based on your genomic profile. It empowers you to improve your health and well-being by providing actionable nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations personalized to your unique genetic makeup.

In addition to the content covered in our standard LoveMyHealth test, the PRO version adds:
– An additional 41 genetic markers selected based on their reported associations with various clinical outcomes related to diet, detoxification, heart health, hormonal health, mental wellness, obesity risk, physical fitness, and specific nutrient needs;
– A special Women’s Health section that takes a detailed look at estrogen metabolism, including phase I metabolism (metabolites) and phase II detox (via the methylation and glutathione pathways);

We have added the following new features to our PRO version:
– The analysis of the APOE gene, a strong predictor of risk for late-onset Alzheimer’s disease;
– A detailed breakdown of our ability to remove toxins from the body using glutathione, including the analysis of Copy Number Variations (CNVs) in GSTT1 and GSTM1; and
– An analysis of risk for Cardiovascular Disease.

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