Mind Over Matter

As July comes to an end, we are reminded that it’s not just a time to pursue our physical and mental goals, but also a time to reflect on two important causes – Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness and National Migraine & Headache Awareness. At DNALabs, we believe that knowledge is key to leading a healthier and happier life. This month, we want to shine a spotlight on two of our groundbreaking tests – MatchMyMeds™ and LoveMyHealth® – designed to empower individuals with valuable insights for better brain health and effective medication management.

Introducing the Brain Health add-on to LoveMyHealth® PRO: Empowering Your Brain Wellness

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our Brain Health add-on to our LoveMyHealth® PRO panel. This new addition has been specially curated to cater to individuals concerned about their brain health. Whether you have experienced a concussion, want to understand cognitive performance, or simply wish to take proactive steps towards enhancing your brain function, LoveMyHealth® PRO’s Brain Health add-on will be your indispensable companion.

The brain is the control center of our body, influencing every aspect of our lives. As someone who experienced a concussion over five years ago, I can personally attest to the significance of having this knowledge during the healing journey. The Brain Health add-on will provide users with personalized insights into brain health, offering an opportunity to identify potential areas for improvement and take proactive steps towards cognitive well-being.

MatchMyMeds™: Your Path to Effective Pain Management

Chronic headaches and migraines are debilitating conditions that affect millions of individuals worldwide. The journey to finding the right pain medication can be challenging, involving trial and error, potential adverse reactions, and unnecessary expenses. At DNALabs, we understand these struggles, which is why we developed MatchMyMeds™ – a revolutionary test that aims to streamline the process of finding the most suitable pain medications, including those used for headache and migraine treatments.

As someone who suffers from chronic migraines, I can deeply relate to the frustration of finding the right medication. Through years of personal experience filled with trials and errors, I have found a silver lining: the opportunity to use my journey to create a brighter future for our clients. The MatchMyMeds™ test covers 130 drug compounds, and we are continually working to expand and improve its coverage. This test offers personalized medication recommendations based on your unique genetic makeup, saving you time, money, and potentially harmful side effects.

The benefits of MatchMyMeds™ extend beyond chronic pain management. It can be a valuable tool for individuals undergoing various medical treatments, helping to optimize drug responses and improve overall treatment outcomes.


During Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness month and National Migraine & Headache Awareness month, let’s come together to raise awareness, support those affected by these conditions, and empower ourselves with knowledge for better health. At DNALabs, we remain committed to developing innovative solutions like LoveMyHealth® PRO’s Brain Health add-on and MatchMyMeds™, designed to enhance your well-being and make informed health decisions.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to invest in your brain health and pain management, for a healthier and happier future. Stay tuned for the launch of our Brain Health add-on and explore the possibilities with MatchMyMeds™.

We are continually striving to make a positive impact in the lives of our clients.

Remember, knowledge is power, and we are here to support you on your journey to better health. Together, we are building a better tomorrow, inspired by the lessons of the past, and dedicated to empowering our clients on their path to improved health and well-being.


Elana Lustig,
Director of Marketing