PureInsight™ Genetic Markers Test Kit

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This genetic test is designed to provide insights into the key factors of your health and well-being based on your genomic profile. Your results will be incorporated into your PureInsight™ report, providing more comprehensive, actionable nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and supplement recommendations personalized to your unique genetic makeup. Empowering you to improve your health and well-being.

How it works:

  • Fill out the order form to order a genetic test
  • Follow the swabbing instructions once you receive the kit in the mail
  • Mail the kit back to DNALabs and we’ll get it analyzed
  • Log in to PureInsightpro.ca to check your results

By filling out this form you accept the terms and conditions of our genetic testing services.

I hereby authorize the collection of my cheek swab DNA sample, or my child’s cheek swab DNA sample, if I am authorizing the collection of a sample on behalf of my child under the age of 16, for the purpose of conducting this genetic test. This is a lifestyle genetic test that provides nutrition and lifestyle recommendations based on a person’s genetic profile. The discomforts, consequences, and potential risks associated with the test have also been explained to me. Any questions that I have asked relating to the test have been answered to my satisfaction. I understand that it is my choice whether or not to have the test performed. I understand that the test results should be considered in the context of other clinical variables including age, diet, lifestyle, organ function, medications prescribed, as well as the type, stage, and severity of any specific ailments being targeted if any, and the ailment’s co-morbidity with other ailments. I understand that, although genetic testing is usually accurate, as with all testing, some inaccuracies may occur. Also, research regarding genetic testing is ongoing and new research may mean that the interpretation of the test results may change over time. If the test was ordered through a healthcare practitioner, I understand that DNALabs Canada Inc. will send my or my child’s test results to the requesting practitioner who will explain the test results to me. I have been assured that records relating to me or my child, and the care provided to me or my child, will be kept confidential, and that no information will be released or printed that will reveal my or my child’s identity without my permission or unless required by law. Once my child reaches 16 years of age, my child may request the information related to his or her test, and it will be made available to him or her. I understand that DNALabs Canada Inc. may send my or my child’s barcoded DNA sample to a partner lab for analysis once it has been de-identified and anonymized. I understand that my or my child’s sample may be used anonymously for research and development or quality control purposes. I understand that DNALabs Canada Inc. may contact me for a new sample, or to provide information regarding additional services, at the address provided in this test requisition form. I agree to release DNALabs Canada Inc. from any liability or damages that may arise during the collection of my or my child’s DNA sample or from any action taken based on the test results.