Our World Is In Motion

Our world is always in motion and the future is no more obvious to us than it was when we started our company over five years ago. However, to the credit of our great hardworking team under the executive leadership of Moni and Aaron we have built an internal platform of strategy to take advantage of opportunities more resilient than that which we inherited just a few years back. I am proud as Chairman to be part of this team as well.

We have enhanced our ability to recruit even more talented people in this past month and made new investments in technology and growth organic initiatives. We are in active discussions on our first acquisition to facilitate a promise to our stakeholders to grow our business. I am confident that today we are in a great position to achieve enduring success never imagined just a few years back.

A few personal thoughts. I believe in the concept of an ebb and flow to things, that our future runs apart and together, and that time is not what we always think it is. Our team likes to say that we refuse to accept an outcome of an event that has not yet occurred. We are and remain incurable optimists especially when it comes to making sure that everyone has a chance to live a healthy life.

Our world is moving forward every day, and change is constant both in science and technology.  Rest assured that no matter what change brings, we will always be right here for you, believing in our core value that everyone has a right to know more about themselves, and that good health belongs to everyone without distinction.

We will continue to meet the moment in motion because that is what DNA Labs does and believes in.

Stay tuned for our next chapter soon unfolding.


Michael S. Kerzner

Chairman of the Board & Chief Strategist