Mocktails are the New Cocktails

July already? We hope everyone had a Happy Canada Day/ 4th of July long weekend! July means we are now half-way through 2022! Where has the year gone? Whether you have accomplished your goals so far this year or are just getting started, there is no better time to get started on your journey than now! This was a very exciting holiday weekend for us at DNALabs as it was our first official year celebrating in both Canada and the U.S!

Whether the summertime is a time where you are wanting to get “summer body ready” or it is a time where you are falling into peer pressure by your friends into drinking, let this be the year you listen to your body and not feel guilty to prioritize your health and wellbeing!

Alcohol is consumed by people all over the world. Many people experience a feeling of euphoria and happiness when consuming alcohol in low doses, and difficulty thinking coherently and loss of coordination with higher doses. Some people are highly sensitive to the effects of alcohol, while others have a much higher tolerance and are less likely to experience many of the effects. Some find drinking pleasant, while others have extreme negative reactions and are unable to consume alcohol at all. Your genetics play a large role in determining how you metabolize alcohol, and how likely you are to experience some of the side effects associated with drinking.

Would you believe me if I told you that Tyra Banks doesn’t drink alcohol? How about Blake Lively? Or JLO? Or the very talented Jennifer Hudson? If these Hollywood celebrities can have a fun night out and live their successful lives without alcohol, then so can you!

Check out the full article with a list of 55 celebrities who don’t drink alcohol below:

Anyone who knows me, knows I was never a big drinker. However, I stopped drinking completely about 3 years ago due to chronic migraines and gut health issues, and just by listening to my body and I have never looked back! With the start of summer and nice weather, many individuals enjoy going out for dinner with friends, to patios, or for drinks. However, just because the season has changed, your genetics do NOT change! While the summer is the perfect opportunity to work on your health goals, you can change your lifestyle! Even if your friends are going for drinks, you can opt for a mocktail instead and still have fun! Whether you do or don’t drink alcohol, it is about listening to your body and eating and drinking in an intuitive way to feel your best. It is your choice without judging yourself or others.

If you experience some of the more negative effects of alcohol such as slurred speech, drowsiness, emotional changes, sleep disruption, nausea, and potentially vomiting, if alcohol is consumed in excess, as well as hangovers the following day, then you should consider taking action by limiting or avoiding alcohol consumption.

So, whether your long weekend spent at summer BBQs and enjoying lots of alcohol, or whether you had a more relaxed long weekend and enjoying some fireworks… and whether you are going into your week feeling hungover or feeling energized, we are always here to help you!

Our LoveMyHealth™ Lifestyle Genetic Test can tell you what your genes say about how alcohol is predicted to affect you, and whether you should consider limiting or avoiding that next drink!




Elana Lustig,
Director of Marketing