Start the New Year with LoveMyHealth™

Start the year right, keep your New Year’s resolutions with LoveMyHealth

LoveMyHealth™ is a nutrition and lifestyle test designed to empower individuals to improve their health and well-being by providing personalized and actionable recommendations for nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, tailored to their unique genetic makeup.

Learn about what your DNA says about your optimal diet, fitness plan, and supplement needs.

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Test categories include:

  • Diet
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Specific Nutrient Needs
  • Physical Fitness
  • Mental Well-being
  • Detoxification
  • Obesity Risk
  • Hormonal Health

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LoveMyHealth™ can help:

  • Understand what foods you should eat more of and what foods to avoid
  • Understand what supplements to take
  • Tailor your workout to fit your genes (exercise recovery, power vs. endurance)
  • Improve your mental well-being by reducing stress and improving cognition and memory
  • Make small tweaks to your lifestyle to see positive changes

How it works