Ioan Szabo Kovari

Director of Technology

With privacy becoming a complex issue in the biotechnology industry, DNALabs, a company which values its customers and privacy, is honoured to welcome to the team our Director of Technology, Ioan Szabo Kovari. With Ioan’s strong work ethic, talents, skills and experience, we look forward to quickly updating and expanding our offerings. 

As Director of Technology, Ioan’s priorities are application security and CRM development. He oversees the application and software development, our website and e-commerce platforms, and ensures all servers are compliant.

Ioan is originally from Europe and his background is in digital marketing, design and web technology. He worked in news and media, city government, web development and e-commerce and prior to joining the DNALabs team, he oversaw the digital transformation efforts of the marketing team at a non-profit organization in Toronto. 

In his free time he loves to sketch and has a kids illustration book published on Amazon!


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