If I Could Turn Back Time

Do you ever have something so easily accessible that you take it for granted? I hate to admit it, but that is how I have been with our MatchMyMeds™ Drug Compatibility testing, until now. The first time I reacted to a medication, was to codeine, after getting my wisdom teeth out. Back then, both DNALabs and our MatchMyMeds™ Drug Compatibility Test were not around. However, after getting my MatchMyMeds™ results, it confirmed that I, in fact, cannot metabolize codeine.

MatchMyMeds™ also confirmed that I cannot metabolize Ibuprofen (ie. Advil) as I only take Tylenol and cannot metabolize the drug Tramadol. (Having this information a few years back would have helped some trips to the emergency room at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto for my migraine attacks where the drug they were administering was not effective in treating my migraine).

Unfortunately, (thanks to the genetics I have gotten from my parents!) I have been on different medications for many years now for both my chronic migraines and stomach (IBS, acid reflux and gastroparesis), thyroid and cholesterol. I have taken Nexium for a few years and MatchMyMeds™ confirms that I am able to metabolize this drug effectively. However, after being diagnosed with gastroparesis, my gastroenterologist put me on Zofran which did not work for me (now I know why after looking at my report!) It has been a long road with a lot of trial and error (not to mention costly!). I remember leaving many appointments with my neurologist back in Toronto and calling up my father to speak to our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Aaron Goldman to see if there was any evidence-based research on triptans that we could add. To this date, I just recently suffered from an adverse drug reaction to both a migraine drug and a gastroenterology drug that I had to immediately stop. The good news is that we are constantly adding more drugs to our test. So, if you are like me and have been suffering from adverse drug reactions, are tired of the trial-and-error approach, and all the costs spent, then check out www.dnalabs.ca and our MatchMyMeds™ Drug Compatibility Test! Our tests are all clinically validated, and evidence based!

The MatchMyMeds™ Drug Compatibility test now covers 100 drug compounds found in thousands of different products, including some of the most commonly prescribed drugs, and covers various therapeutic categories including: pain/ migraine, gastroenterology, anxiety/ depression, oncology, immunology, cardiovascular, psychiatry and more. For a complete list of drugs covered click here. Your DNA holds powerful, actionable information that can be used to maximize effectiveness and minimize adverse drug reactions. Improve your quality of life and minimize risk!

When I spoke to Dr. Aaron Goldman about looking into additional drugs and research, as we are always looking to expanding our drug panels, and after recent adverse drug reactions, he pointed out more drugs on the panel that I have tried and could not take (just like my MatchMyMeds™ confirmed) such as Almotriptan (Axert) for migraines. I am looking forward to bringing my results to my follow up appointments with both my gastroenterologist and my neurologists within the next few months to show them and see how this can further benefit not only myself but others as well!

Once again, I am blown away by the accuracy of our tests! Our tests have a 99.97% accuracy rate however, this high rate does not do its justice.  To see why YOU should purchase MatchMyMeds™ and how it can help YOU click here! Don’t learn the hard way like I have!

Wishing everyone a Shana Tova to all those who celebrate!




Elana Lustig,
Director of Marketing