Driving our Path Forward

As our Company enters 2022, we continue to extend our leadership in the industry with set goals and objectives.  We believe with confidence that we will outperform our objectives as we continue to innovate with unrivaled strategic and operational excellence.   It is true that we are operating in a volatile and rapidly changing environment, and as much as we want to see the pandemic in the rear-view mirror, we realistically confront the times we are in, but have adapted to respond quickly and effectively in providing consistently, uninterrupted, and reliable service to our customers.   We are proud of that!

Our goals in 2022 are ambitious with the launch of many new products that will help us embrace our health in a positive way.    Beginning with the opening of our new office in Florida, we are on our way, and look forward to sharing more details about our plans for 2022 and beyond.

In our minds creating customers for life is synonymous with delivering excellent value for them as well as our stakeholders.  Our confidence comes from looking backwards at the exceptional investment we made in our tests and how they have been embraced by our customers today.   It has been amazingly gratifying to hear what our customers tell us and learn from their experiences in a way that benefits everyone.

In the end, we are not coasting on momentum; we are driving it forward, in our belief that ‘Good health belongs to everyone’.

Michael S. Kerzner

Chairman of the Board & Chief Strategist