“And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by”

Some may remember the famous quote written by the 20th century English Writer, John Masefield and I thought it relevant today as the world begins to see light again after an exceptionally long time in the dark to acknowledge a paradigm shift forward.

Our company has not merely persevered, we have excelled in the past year in the face of a world crisis unlike any ever seen. The Covid pandemic, which destroyed much of the world’s economy, brought unprecedented challenges to our business as well. Yet, quick, and decisive action led by our team and founders with a concentrated effort assured our customers and stakeholders that we would emerge through this crisis not only intact but stronger.

We recognize that the need to preserve the one irreplaceable asset that we all have in common, our health is more crucial than ever. Perhaps, because of the pandemic, we understand the fragility of health much better. We also understand that our greatest fear remains how we stand guard and protect ourselves from what we have all just gone through but also how we regain our daily lives as we once knew it with a focus on our health. Our challenge is again our greatest opportunity, how can we begin to walk before we can run and using this metaphor, ask the question, what first steps can we take in the pursuit of our own health learning from the past?

DNA Labs has stepped us to this challenge deploying its expertise to develop and bring to market updated versions of our best-in-class genetic testing products focused on our own health and what we can do to use this knowledge effectively. We have evolved to exceed the expectations of our customers and stakeholders.

A year ago, and with all the uncertainty facing us, we embarked ambitiously and assiduously to build the corporate infrastructure that would allow us to migrate to our second generation of tests. In this regard, and perhaps it was understanding that depression and anxiety would again come to the forefront and exacerbated because of this pandemic. This is a great example on how we understand the overarching needs of our society and bridge a gap to provide solutions, reasonably priced and accessible. Good health belongs to everyone, we say it this, because we mean it.

As the Covid worldwide lockdowns become a thing of the past, and with our resolve as a company proven and tested, we will find that “Star to Steer her by” and move with confidence to the next chapter of our Company’s future. As a team, we will think of ourselves not as a Company of arrival but a company of becoming!

Wishing everyone a continued safe and enjoyable summer wherever life takes you, always in pursuit of great health.

Michael S. Kerzner,
Chief Strategist