Everyone has the right to know more about themselves

We are fascinated by the future and what lies ahead. Our own DNA is personal and tells a story about ourselves. What we know about ourselves can help us make better choices in how we live our lives. The DNALabs team are committed to developing safe and useful genetic testing products helping everyone know more about themselves.

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Everyone has the right to know more about themselves
Watch DNALabs on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

MatchMyMeds™ by DNALabs is focused on delivering the best of pharmacogenomics science to the everyday healthcare consumer. This DNA testing tool is your first step to personalized medicine. It informs the right dose and it’s just right for you. It’s precision medicine with your name on it.

Available online for C$349 / US$275.

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LoveMyHealth® by DNALabs is designed to provide insights into the key factors of your health and well-being based on your genomic profile. It empowers you to improve your health and well-being by providing actionable nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations personalized to your unique genetic makeup.

Available online for C$299 / US$235.

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LoveMyHealth® Pro takes the standard LoveMyHealth® report, and adds an additional 41 genetic markers selected based on their associations with various clinical outcomes related to diet, detoxification, heart health, hormonal health, mental wellness, obesity risk, physical fitness, and specific nutrient needs.

Contact us for information about our LoveMyHealth® Pro extended clinical panel.

The FeedMyGenes DNA Diet Playbook is the leading edge of personalized nutrition. By leveraging your unique genetic profile, we create a meal plan that is tailored to you, based on how your DNA is expected to impact your specific dietary needs related to fats, carbohydrates and protein.

Available online from C$50 / US$40.

The LoveMyHealth® Pro Fertility report focuses on genetic variations that influence nutritional and environmental factors that impact egg/sperm quality, risk for lifestyle disease, and embryo development. An individually tailored diet and nutrient guide based on genetic risk factors can improve fertility and promote a healthy pregnancy.

TestMyTolerance™ is an easy-to-understand genetic test that will provide useful information about your body’s response to cannabis. TestMyTolerance™ is currently only available in Canada.

Available online for $199.

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Healthcare professionals can now sign up for a corporate account. Click here to learn more.


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