We are fascinated by the future and what lies ahead. Our own DNA is personal and tells a story about ourselves. What we know about ourselves can help us make better choices in how we live our lives. The DNALabs team are committed to developing safe and useful genetic testing products helping everyone know more about themselves.

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NEW: Cannabis Sensitivity Test media release

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DNALabs’ first product offering is focused on delivering the best of pharmacogenomics science to the everyday healthcare consumer. This DNA testing tool is your first step to personalized medicine. It gives you the right dose and the right time and it’s just right for you. It’s precision medicine with your name on it.

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We are really excited about our second product that empowers everyone to live life great, from a nutritional and wellness point of view. Our easy to understand and interactive report will help you make evidence based decisions with your own action plan having regard to predispositions and tolerances to exercise, nutrition and general wellness.  

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Ready for Canada’s legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational use, DNALabs has developed a cannabis sensitivity test. This test will provide useful information about your body’s response to THC, CBD and other cannabis compounds, from a genetic predisposition and sensitivity point of view. 

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