Chief Financial Officer | Andrew Weisberg

Innovation defines many enterprises in a variety of sectors. DNALabs Canada is pleased it was able to recruit a Chief Financial Officer who understands disruptive technologies and strategic transformative applications that can drive new opportunities and product development in agile industries. In addition to being a Financial Advisor to a leading Toronto-area women’s reproductive health company in which technological advances made the difference, Andrew Weisberg spent over two decades in a CFO role in the food and consumer packaged goods industries, retail apparel manufacturing and private labelling for major North American chains. Andrew’s solutions-focused leadership style, combined with his skill, expertise and experience as a Chief Operating Officer brings competence with empowerment to DNALabs’ product development, launches and supply management.

The combination of operational knowledge and expertise in health and wellness as well as nutrition from strategy through to the nuts-and-bolts of production brings valued-added knowledge to DNALabs Canada. Food and beverage processing is the second largest manufacturing industry in Canada in terms of value of production. The lessons learned by Andrew while he was at the helm of Eden, a contract food manufacturer producing to and for North American grocery chain, boutique brands and multinational food conglomerates has honed the steadfastness of this seasoned CFO. Whether dealing with packaging, reproductive technologies or genome testing, Andrew understands the CFO role of converting vision and strategy pragmatically to production, marketing and market leadership. The characteristics of the ideal CFO are found in Andrew Weisberg – confident, possessing sound accounting and financial controls knowledge, earned insight into risk assessment, strong ethical and integrity principles, good communicator and strategically-oriented. The bottom line for Andrew is success.

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