Chief Executive Officer | Moni Lustig

The business of genomic discoveries and applications requires a disciplined and knowledgeable Chief Executive Officer for whom the science of discovery has a bottom-line with a very personal face. DNALabs Canada is proud and delighted to have Moni Lustig at the helm of this enterprise for three reasons. The first is the fact that Moni possesses three decades plus of success in asset management, business building and wealth creation, along with a hard-earned reputation for a unique savviness when it comes to business relationships. This latter skill serves to explain how his years of experience, diligence and deep community connections brought him leadership positions within chronic disease-based research organizations.

Moni is a board and executive member of Israel Cancer Research Fund. Cancer is personal to Moni; both his parents died from cancer. The personal loss fueled a new passion within the DNALabs Canada CEO that became a quest for greater understanding of the why’s and how’s related to precision medicine and breakthroughs in personalized cancer care rooted in genomics. The second reason is this personal experience with cancer and this personal belief in the need for and recent benefits of genome-based cancer care. The third reason is his leadership style and subsequent finesse at team-building. Moni Lustig is part CEO and part CPO – Chief People Officer – the new way to deliver human resources within innovation-driven enterprises.

Moni’s leadership is people-centred, recognizing people are the real assets behind any enterprise, often unquantified in terms of a balance sheet, but instrumental, nonetheless, in business success. Tenacity may be a driving characteristic in this CEO’s make-up, but so too is his knack for finding, attracting and keeping talented people passionate about coming to work every day to make a difference. The “DNA” to any corporate entity is found in the strains of innovation, creativity, knowledge and discipline found in the people who choose to call the enterprise their business home. You don’t find them by accident. Moni makes it possible. His recruitment and retention of talented people from the C-Suite is critical.

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