Chief Strategy Officer | Michael Kerzner

DNALabs Canada is proud of its executive team and its capacity for creating, developing, testing and executing against the enterprise’s business strategy. In the lead, is our Chief Strategy Officer, Michael Kerzner, who fulfils the ideal CSO function of being the primary facilitator and driver of strategy enterprise-wide. Michael Kerzner is a jack-of-all-trades type of executive having earned his reputation as both a successful businessman, serial entrepreneur and as a staunch community activist. For over 25 years, Michael worked in business both in commercial real estate and property management and start-up businesses balancing with his service to many charitable and philanthropic causes to many not-for-profit organizations. This honed his collaborative approach to work and life. Michael has a 360 degree perspective on issues. He is a consensus-builder. He is tireless in the pursuit of the right thing to do. Michael brings a can-do approach while never losing sight of barriers and inhibitors to success.

In addition to being a skilled strategic communicator, Michael has functional experience in such areas as technology, marketing, and operational management. He is gifted at competitive analysis, market research and long-range planning. Michael can lead the team or drop back to facilitate, but he never loses perspective on the need to drive innovation, inspire the team to reach and keep the enterprise at the forefront of the “what’s next” in terms of market positioning. Michael’s value has been well proven as a strategic thinker and also a doer as the enterprise gets ready to launch many new products in the coming years with a commitment of always delivering a best in class product.   One last thing, Michael Kerzner lives and breathes the mantra that each and every customer experience must always exceed their expectations!

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