Chief Legal Officer | David Feld

David Feld did what many lawyers have done before. He left a Bay Street, big legal firm practice, to apply his background in science, his knowledge of law and regulation with his passion for technology to become DNALabs Canada’s Chief Legal Counsel. Genomic testing and pharmacogenomics are at the forefront of transformative medicine which means knowledge and understanding of the legal and regulatory framework and its application will be invaluable to the enterprise. As an experienced lawyer with top-tier law firm experience, David brings a no nonsense approach to many of the business fundamentals. He also has strong ideas on CRM – Customer Relationship Management – and its application to anticipating, meeting and surpassing market needs and demands in both a consumer and a B2B context. Like any good compliance advisor, David brings a unique blend of skill to the team in terms of anticipating as well as meeting regulations. Regulation is coming, but not fully entrenched or enforced in genome testing. David is an avid observer of how genome testing is evolving around the globe, particularly in North America. This about much more than having a grasp on administrative, business, and contractual law.

David Feld serves as DNALabs Canada’s Executive Vice President and Legal Counsel because he can and he does straddle the functions of growing the genome testing and pharmacogenomics business while staying ahead of privacy protection to ensure the enterprise handles all aspects of the collection and disclosure of information attained from testing services properly. Accuracy is one factor. Collection and handling of genetic data of individuals requires oversight and foresight. David is the steward of the privacy compliance and works closely with DNALabs CEO and Chief Science Officer to ensure privacy compliance is inherent in the enterprises processes. Rules, regulations and laws are to be honoured, not avoided or circumvented when you have a principled Chief Legal Officer like David Feld in this role.

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